Entry #1

Well, here I am.

2012-02-13 20:45:42 by Kiigen

Not much to say I dabbled on the portal before, released a couple of unfinished uh... Slideshows... They were too crappy to be called Animations really. Anyways, I was once nexxuslusaquarm on Newgrounds. You never heard of me.


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2012-02-13 22:16:41

Indeed I haven't.


2012-02-16 00:48:34

I love your FF animation. I can't wait to see your future work! You are very talented. :)


2012-02-19 19:48:03

I've faved you flash.
It was genius.

(Updated ) Kiigen responds:

Me Gusta. Thank you sir... Hopefully the ones I have planned for the future turn out alright too.


2012-02-20 11:33:26

Well you are interesting.

Kiigen responds:

Why thank you.... I think. Always hard to tell if a response is good or bad if they use the word... interesting.


2012-03-14 17:49:16

You lack self confidence, but i can see great potential in you.
Your flashes have been on the front page twice so far. I hope to see them there more often.

Kiigen responds:

Thank you sir, I have many more on the horizon... Working hard on them.... I do have a bit more confidence than I portray. I spend too much time on these not to.