Two done already

2012-03-14 21:12:35 by Kiigen

It feels good to finish projects I started.... There were many complaints about the voices and their quality, and for the most part, that's the main issue. I plan to get a new mic the first chance I get. I actually have to at this point, considering my last one is now busted...

Hadokamochen was kinda lazily made in design, it was meant to be some quick joke, it wasn't that funny, and the last week of production I just then noticed that people are going to immediately link it with a certain Egoraptor joke, and you did. I don't blame ya, I linked it too, not that it was planned, but man you really lose motivation in a project once you find out the idea isn't as original as you thought it was.

Next projects are in the works, I'm pretty confident in these ones. I'll be back with more soon enough.


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2012-04-12 00:36:21

For your first videos on newgrounds, i say that you are awesome! It looks like you are a mega pro at drawing and your first flash amazed me on how artistic it was (also i like your art style). I just wonder why you ant very famous, cause you are awesome at making flashes and you are better than some people that have been making flashes for a long time by a long shot. Keep up the great work :)

Kiigen responds:

Thanks for the motivating words. I really don't think I'm that great at this point. Of course I'm still striving to make better. If you really think I should be famous, I think the only real missing element is more flashes. People will probably watch more of my stuff if I have more of my stuff. I dunno, that's just what seems is missing at this point.... Oh, and less Egoraptory scripts. Which should'nt be a problem, I think I've established my own style. I have more on the way. They just take forever and my life is demanding alot right now. I think my next entry should be for the 60 Frame Collab, whenever he finishes that.