Meanwhile, IRL

2012-05-24 17:10:09 by Kiigen

Well, lots of problems in the real world. Most related to holding me back in animating? Dealing with finding a place to live and scrounging to replace broken tablet.

Mostly the thing that will fix these problems are time. I don't have the money saved to get a new tablet right now. The next animations are pretty much planned out at this point. I just can't do anything with them really. So... If anyone is checking up on me, I do have projects in the works it's just a rough patch in the real world right now.

The Good news is that when I do get a tablet, I plan to upgrade this time.


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2012-06-23 23:57:58

Aww i hope u get ur tablet soon. I wanna see the new animations. Hope u find a good place to live as well(idk if u r kidding about finding a place to live cuz of the broken tablet, but watever, still gonna hope u the best) ;D

Kiigen responds:

No it was a complicated situation.. Thankfully though, it is as resolved as it can be for now. Working on the projects I have now. I guess for now, you can see some pictures I made up a bit ago.