Back at it.

2012-06-29 06:51:14 by Kiigen

Got a new tablet, not too much of an upgrade as I had hoped. But hey, I'm not at standstill anymore. Been a busy bee since, trying to work on these upcoming projects.

Until I do, I'll oddly release some random Art you can see on my Profile page. I'm not good enough to be nor really want to be on the Art Portal. Since it doesn't really update when I upload (or so I am to suspect) I'm letting you guys know that I have a few entries. Some gifts for friends.

I made something for the 60 FPS Collab, once that is out you guys will be able to see that. I tried something flashy since it was a 3 second animation... I really enjoyed it, and find myself wanting to do more action sequences.

Anyways, I'll be getting back to work now. I'd like to think my next project will be enjoyed nicely.


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