SFM may just be awesome.

2012-07-09 11:11:42 by Kiigen

I think Valve either loves Machinima, or hates seeing their game characters flailing around all the time, cause they released a program to make Videos on Par with their Meet The Series. At first I couldn't care less of the new Source Film Maker... I didn't think it'd be awhile til there was anything interesting.

I stumbled across this while looking at Meet The Pyro. It's an edit of Meet The Heavy. Kinda makes me wonder what other gold will come out of the woodworks. Does this mean no more flailing of Gmod?


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2012-07-17 20:59:30

Yes. This means those shitty gmod movies (although there are exceptions) will soon be no more.
Now let's pray valvedrones got the right stuff to actually use this properly.

I'd love to use it to be honest, I've been thinking of 3D animation for a while, but seems that my pc isn't powerful enough to toy around with it.

(Updated ) Kiigen responds:

Same problem actually, I'd like to see what I could crank out in the 3d world... But my PC isn't capable of running it... By the time I can, SFM will probably be out of Beta and be too expensive as well.