2012-10-09 11:45:46 by Kiigen

Hey, guys.

Figured I'd say something over here. Got alot of crap going on in life. Not finding as much time to animate as I want. I'm at least getting alot of great ideas down. Which honestly isn't making me feel any better, It's just stacking up the pile of things I feel I should have finished by now. Maybe my process is too slow, maybe it's something else. I don't know.

On another note, I'm making an intro for someone's series. I think it looks great too. The deadline is alot shorter than I feel it should be... Thing is, I made it short. Not because I wanted to set the bar unreasonably short or screw myself over, but because this guy has a history of not realizing that animations don't get done as quick as he thinks it does. I have about 3 days to get it done, and I'm gonna have to find out how to cut corners to get it to be finished... I'm not sure if working for this guy is a good thing or a mistake, yet. It's been on my mind alot recently, and I probably should've thought about it more when I was taking the job.

I dunno, whatever. Thought I'd post something.


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2012-10-09 11:59:37

It's okay Kiigen, I am here for you

Kiigen responds:

Thanks buddy. Long time no see, by the way.


2012-11-26 21:14:55

Hello I know the feeling thankfully I am writing my idea down. I hope to speak to you soon and hope for the best for you.