Is Comedy really my thing?

2013-01-06 05:30:01 by Kiigen

I'm not sure I should really be doing Comedy at all anymore... It doesn't come natural to me and people seem to find it ok at best.

I mean, I have a few comedys I still want to get done, but honestly I don't know if I'm feeling it anymore... I think I'll go try something else.


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2013-01-06 11:44:25

Fast paced action?

Kiigen responds:

Yeah, probably. Gotta figure out what's best to do though... Maybe a tribute with some video game characters I'd like to see engage eachother... or try a taste of something original. not sure.


2013-01-06 15:23:18

Dude! Don't stop comedy I love your stuff! And like BinaryDood said but you can do at least both!

Kiigen responds:

Maaaybe. I dooo have some great Ideas I really want to get done. Got some great projects this year... so it's not like I'm just bailing.


2013-01-06 23:32:29

Humor is subjective; if you enjoy doing what you do and you have the means to do it, say keep doing it. But it hurt to try something else and see if you prefer it or feel more comfortable doing it, do what you like and feels best.