Brominoe Effect is out.

2013-01-06 20:14:54 by Kiigen

it's about some gamers who have to entertain themselves when their console dies...

Feel free to share some critique, I'd appreciate it.

Also, I'll be working alot harder to make the animations look alot more fluent and clean from now on.


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2013-01-07 18:51:27

Nice one ;[)


2013-01-08 18:42:40

It's not that I disliked it or thought it was mediocore. It's just that I couldn't stop thinking of Egoraptors shading, and the fact that it revolved around video games didn't help either.

The frame by frame was really smooth though and it was enjoyable to watch! I didn't want to sound like a retard or rude or whatever ; __ ;

(Updated ) Kiigen responds:

Its fine, I'm not taking offense to it at all. Yeah, I've been influenced by egoraptor's style, I just didn't know it stood out so much. I'm not upset or anything. Hadokamochen was more like a ripoff than I wanted. I shoulda crashed that thing.

Anyways, maybe its just me, but the similarities only really boil down to Color shading and in this case the pupiless eyes. Characters will continue to be all over the place when the scenes call for it.

What egoraptor does is generally better than what I do, I also have been focusing on different tgings from the beginning... Not that I could really tell what he focuses on, other than everything nowadays on a project, but my planning process suuuucks...

Anyways, I'd still like to work on some things, Mainly because I have some things to improve I have been neglecting, but also so It's not seen as a subdivision of an egoraptor style. If not, hey its cool I guess. No worries though. XD