omg why?

2013-01-27 14:53:33 by Kiigen

The project file won't open. I don't know why this happened, but I am a tidbit furious... I am really not fond of redoing work.

RAGE. Ya know?


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2013-02-03 15:47:02

Well I'm learning through other people's errors...
For my first flash I'll remember to have 3000 backup files.

Kiigen responds:

I MAY be wrong, but I think It's cause I had it saved to DropBox. If you keep backups, don't work on the file that's immediately being updated as soon as it changes. It's good to backup... it's why I did it. It also has helped... just don't do that unless you know your PC won't crash before update is done.

Again I MAY be wrong. I have no idea why the FLA crashed.


2013-02-13 00:34:10

aww man! That happened to me too. As soon as I hit save, I didn't realize that db was uploading it. I tried saving again, Flash crashed, and my file got currupt.
Things I did for all future projects
1. Go to dropbox/preferences/ bandwidth and change 'Upload rate' to "Don't limit". This helped it save much faster
2. Learn a SVN software **like TortoiseSVN** never again have the trouble of corrupt files because of version history taken care off by the software

Kiigen responds:

If that does what I think it does that will save me so hard I wouldn't be able to contain myself.


2013-02-18 04:05:06

Oh damn, just don't ragequit! You are a wonderful animator and I would hate to see the frustration get to you.

Kiigen responds:

It won't. Something new is coming out very soon.