2013-03-07 20:05:34 by Kiigen

Hey just a heads up, I have 2-3 collaborations I agreed to do. After I'm done with those there will probably be a long drought before anything else comes out. So ya. XD


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2013-03-09 05:16:28

Kiigen what happened man?

Kiigen responds:

Nothin Bro. Just gotta go learn some stuff.


2013-03-13 14:39:34

Looking forward to seeing them! Care to spill any info on the content of said collabs?

Kiigen responds:

Well one already announced it on his blog, so I'll spill those beans... Went to RyanHatesMilk and asked if he could write a short for me. He did, and voiced it too.


2013-03-27 12:04:19

So...how come you deleted some of your flash submissions on here?


2013-03-27 15:56:25

Also, fuck yes with your Rydia profile picture (at least...it looks like her anyway)

Kiigen responds:

That one isn't mine. I'm not that good. Yeah though, its her.