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Kiigen's News

Posted by Kiigen - September 17th, 2013

For far too long.

I'd like to give Newgrounds some luvin again. For the most part though, I've been active on my Tumblr, and live there every day. Other than that, I am working on my stuff I'd like to show you guys. I'LL BE BACK KBAI.

Posted by Kiigen - March 7th, 2013

Hey just a heads up, I have 2-3 collaborations I agreed to do. After I'm done with those there will probably be a long drought before anything else comes out. So ya. XD

Posted by Kiigen - January 27th, 2013

The project file won't open. I don't know why this happened, but I am a tidbit furious... I am really not fond of redoing work.

RAGE. Ya know?

Posted by Kiigen - January 6th, 2013

it's about some gamers who have to entertain themselves when their console dies...

Feel free to share some critique, I'd appreciate it.


Also, I'll be working alot harder to make the animations look alot more fluent and clean from now on.

Posted by Kiigen - January 6th, 2013

I'm not sure I should really be doing Comedy at all anymore... It doesn't come natural to me and people seem to find it ok at best.

I mean, I have a few comedys I still want to get done, but honestly I don't know if I'm feeling it anymore... I think I'll go try something else.

Posted by Kiigen - December 15th, 2012

A bit ago I had some cool little opportunity.

I had no idea that there is a selection for voting panels, and I was in it for November's choices.

Only thing is, I've had little to no access to internet recently... and I couldn't find the time or place to sit down and watch them all and play them all. :( I do hope if I get that oppurtunity again I will be ready.

In other news, I just released a new S2A... and have a big project coming out soon. I'm really enjoying it so far.

Posted by Kiigen - November 30th, 2012

Did anyone who saw my newest animation get bugged by it at all?
It was made alot quiker than the other ones. That goes without saying.
I was kinda hoping you guys could tell me what you think.

It was something quick to make and release to break my own monotony of production time for my other projects. I sort of felt stuck with what I was doing. Maybe I'm just slow at it right now, I don't know really know. It's not that I don't love the outcome
of the gritty but pretty, it just irks me after awhile. So, I take a break from the main work and make something like this...

A sort of sketch but in the form of animation.

What do you think? Should I have not released it?

Posted by Kiigen - October 9th, 2012

Hey, guys.

Figured I'd say something over here. Got alot of crap going on in life. Not finding as much time to animate as I want. I'm at least getting alot of great ideas down. Which honestly isn't making me feel any better, It's just stacking up the pile of things I feel I should have finished by now. Maybe my process is too slow, maybe it's something else. I don't know.

On another note, I'm making an intro for someone's series. I think it looks great too. The deadline is alot shorter than I feel it should be... Thing is, I made it short. Not because I wanted to set the bar unreasonably short or screw myself over, but because this guy has a history of not realizing that animations don't get done as quick as he thinks it does. I have about 3 days to get it done, and I'm gonna have to find out how to cut corners to get it to be finished... I'm not sure if working for this guy is a good thing or a mistake, yet. It's been on my mind alot recently, and I probably should've thought about it more when I was taking the job.

I dunno, whatever. Thought I'd post something.

Posted by Kiigen - September 17th, 2012

So hey, yeah. I haven't made much. I've also been slow. Also, No one actually cares. I mean, you might care, At least a bit. Anyways, I'm working on that. I'm here to tell you I have a Twitter. I post things. Who cares right? I do...


Posted by Kiigen - August 8th, 2012

Hey, I wanted to thank you guys for watching my stuff. I am still hard at work with a few projects, and I have no idea when I will be getting around to releasing something. I have a few projects that I am dedicated to, but may occasionally take a break and whip up something fast if the mood strikes. More on the horizon.